How to Make an Origami Crane Box


This origami crane box can be useful to make some decorations, vessels, gift boxes, or hanging toys. Origami Crane box is the most beautiful craft. It shows off both sides of the origami paper, so it is a great model to fold from or two-color papers, or sheets of colorful paper bonded back-to-back. When made small, these modular forms make distinctive earrings. When made large, they can be used to decorate tables, party table children birthday or any other party decoration. This box is also used to hide your important object and your beautiful jewelry.

Let’s start to make your own beautiful origami crane box

  1. Begin with origami paper sheets of any square, use all paper in the same size. Fold each of the three squares in half to form this triangular shape. The sideshow will become the outer corners of the Crane’s Egg. as shown on the image below
  2. then Fold the triangle in half, and then open it back to the larger triangle. again repeat all steps with the other two pieces. Turn the ready object over.
  3. This is the orientation with the right angle pointing toward you and the centerline ridge (mountain fold) facing up.
  4. Fold the tip of the right angle (only the top layer of paper) up to the center of the folded diagonal. (This is the flap that can be used to make many decorative faces.)
  5. Fold up each of the two cut edges of the indicated layer, so that each edge is parallel to the top edge. (The two folds meet at the centerline.)
  6. Fold the top corner down, so the tip touches an imaginary line connecting the two edges shown in step 5.
  7. Re-crease the centerline, folding the paper in half as shown,
  8. Open.
  9. Fold the corners from each side down to meet at the lowest corner in the center. Crease sharply.
  10. Open each flap to form right angles at the left and right valley creases. Restore the centerfold to cup the shape, so the two side angles come together, forming the shape of a party hat
  11. Here is the completed element.
  12. Insert each of the narrow corners at the split end into a pocket on the front of another piece. (Keep the tops of the party hats pointing out. Keep the narrow corners out until they can be inserted into the pockets of another piece.) Insert the third piece into the second in the same manner.
  13. Finally, bring the corners from the first piece around, and tuck each one into respective pockets of the last piece.
  14. Here is the finished origami crane’s Egg Modular Box.
  15. To open the Crane’s Egg Modular Box, simply squeeze the poles.Now, you can use this box as you can. For crane egg box, jewelry box or you can use hide any item. 

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