How To Make Origami Octopus Craft

how to make origami octopus
how to make origami octopus

In this post, I will teach you how to make an easy octopus craft using origami paper. Octopuses have a most sensitive sense of touch, according to the World Animal Foundation. Their suckers have receptors that enable an octopus to taste what it is touching. if you love octopus. you can learn facts about octopus.

In our virtual life, we have the adorable, blue Octopus who’s named know to everyone, if you did not get that name. The name of the blue Octopus is Oswald and on the other hand you have Dr. Octopus, super villain who isn’t nice at all. And that’s why octopuses keep everyone guessing whenever they appear!

As one of the best animal or delicious food, everyone loves the octopus. they have many legs this thing makes special. This origami octopus was spontaneously invented in response to a challenge at a party. The rotational symmetry of this model led to other models that I’ve developed, including a flying saucer and a rocketship.


Recommended Paper

  • 6″ square or larger origami paper works well, as do many papers with a pattern or texture.
  • Begin with a square, make sure the colored side up.

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  1. first, Fold a Waterbomb Base with your hands

    octopus craft
    origami octopus
  2. now, Squash fold

    origami octopus
  3. Valley fold the tip up and check imageoctopus craft
  4. then, repeat steps 2 – 3 on the other three flaps.octopus craft
  5. Turn the octopus inside out and Rotate 180 degrees.octopus craft
  6. Valley fold a flap.octopus craft
  7. Slide the flap and fold again.octopus craft
  8. Fold the flap back.octopus craft
  9. Unfold.octopus craft
  10. Reverse fold in, out, and in again.octopus craft
  11. Repeat steps 6 – 10 on the other seven flaps.octopus craft
  12. Valley fold the tip.octopus craft
  13. Swing one flap to the right on the near layer and one flap to the left on the far layer (a “minor miracle”) as shown as an imageoctopus craft
  14. Repeat steps 12 – 13 seven times.octopus craft
  15. Reverse fold a point to form the tentacle.octopus craft
  16. Repeat step 15 seven times, spreading the points out radially as you go.octopus craft
  17. Puff out and sculpt the central point to form the head.octopus craft
  18. Curve and pose the tentacles. The completed octopus craft

    octopus craftoctopus craft

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