How to make origami butterfly step by step with images


This origami butterfly is looking beautiful and looks so better with origami paper. The wings spread out great and the body comes up a little to give it an original and beautiful look. The head includes another dimension of realism that you like, you can make and add a few antennas for a complete look.

Poem for the Butterfly

One Day Butterfly
Aren’t we all one-day butterflies,
not aware of time.
Searching for partners or honey
until Death kisses us.
Then in his arms, tenderly rocked,
waiting for a new chance
to fly away again
and join the dance
of the one-day butterfly

Easy Origami Butterfly Printable Instructions

  1. Start with a square bit of origami color paper. On the off chance that you just have standard paper, adhere to these guidelines to make a square sheet
  2. Fold the paper into equal parts by folding the upper left corner to the lower right corner.
  3. Unfold it.origami butterfly
  4. Fold half again by folding the upper right corner to the lower left.
  5. Unfold it.
  6. Fold half again by folding the top half back.origami butterly
  7. Unfold it.
  8. With your finger, push down on the center so it pops in.
  9. Bring the left and right creases togetherorigami butterfly
  10. Check your triangle shape is ready
  11. Fold the left corner of the top layer to the top corner of the triangle.
  12. Fold the right corner to the top corner.
  13. Turn over.
  14. Fold the base part of the triangle up with a part of the top corner showing, as in the image.
  15. Turn over.
  16. Pull down the left fold of the triangle and the side will be forced to twist in. fold and level the side down.
  17. Like previously, pull down the right flap and fold in the side.
  18. Turn over.
  19. Fold down the top triangle.
  20. Fold a bit of the triangle back up.
  21. leave a few parts folded down.
  22. Mountain fold in half.
  23. fold the left side under the right side.
  24. Diagonally fold the butterfly wing as appeared.
  25. Turn over.
  26. Fold the other wing a similar way.
  27. Open the wings
  28. And now you have a wonderful  Origami Butterfly.

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