How to Make An Origami Ninja Star

how to make step by step origami ninja star
simple way to make origami ninja star

If you like ninja’s on television and you don’t know how they throw ninja star weapon you. Make it your own Origami Ninja Star. and practice it. but if you don’t know how to make a real ninja star then you are in the right place. In this post, I will teach you how to make a real ninja star using origami paper.

We made a portion of our ninja stars with colored paper and some with white paper. Origami paper would work as well! Simply don’t utilize card stock – it’s too substantial to even think about folding this way

Requirements to Make Origami Ninja Star

  • 2 colored paper. Any color paper do You have
  • scissors (use carefully)

How to Make a Double Ninja Star

  1. If you’re using with A4 paper, overlap it over as appeared to make a square. Remove the excess. You’ll require two bits of color paper for every one ninja star. Origami paper is good to make most of the papercraft
  2. Fold each square bit of paper into equal parts to make a wrinkle down the inside.
  3. Open the paper back up. The crease each side over to the middle line. Do this with the two squares.
  4. Fold each bit of paper down the middle once more.
  5. Now overlay each paper into equal parts length-wise to make a wrinkle.
  6. Fold the top half over to that it lines up with the wrinkle you made in sync 5. You need the papers to be collapsed the other way from one another.
  7. Fold each base half over to the side similarly, however, go the other way.(Love the little multi-year-old hands getting me out!)
  8. Flip over each paper. Overlap the finishes in toward the middle as appeared.
  9. Lay the papers on one another as appeared. You’ll need like sides to confront one another.
  10. Fold the upper right yellow point over and fold the edge under the green as appeared. The overlay will be on the wrinkle line that you find in the photograph above.
  11. Fold up the base yellow point similarly.
  12. Flip over the star and overlay in the green focuses a similar way.
  13. When you take care of the last point, the star should hold together like this. Overlap some more! At that point snatch a few markers and design your ninja stars.

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