How to make a paper boat

paper boat
how to make a paper boat

Hello guys. today we are talking about a paper boat generally kids love to doing crafts with paper so we are going learn how to make a paper boat

we have done some easy tutorials for can read the full article and learn including images.

I also loved to make many crafts with paper and play with them when I was a kid I loved to make paper boats and sail them in bucket water, bathtub, and doing much more fun.
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Requirement for This Paper Boat

  • we need A4 sheet paper of any color ( which color you want)

learn to Make Paper Boat Origami 

  1. Make a fold of paper sheet in half downwards
  2. again fold it in half as shown in the image (do not make the crease just mark a simple center)
  3. take a corner to the center so we get of triangle shape with a rectangle under it.
  4. now fold the rectangle paper under the triangle upward(as shown in the image with orange spot)
    and flip your paper and do the on the other side
  5. Snatch the center point of the triangle shape as shown on the main picture above with the green spot and pull the two sides (holding the green spot) out. Level.
  6. You’ll get the shape as appeared on the second picture above (overlook that green spot in the left base corner
  7. fold the front layer up (as indicated with the yellow spot) flip the paper boat to be and do the same with the back layer. You’ll get a triangle shape.
  8. Pull the sides outwards and you’ll again get the square shape as indicated on the primary image below
  9. slowly pull the top part of outward and you get your paper boat.

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