Paper Punches for Craft

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I would imagine that most paper crafters have at least a couple or so paper punches, if not a lot more, and I bet you acknowledge the uses you get from them. Paper punches have made decorating cards and pages in your scrapbook album so easy and quick, and also given a handmade greeting card an extra lift. It is important to know that there are several brands of papercraft punches that you can review at Amazon’s recommended paper punches before finally making a purchase.

There are basic punches, punch sets for corners and edges, punches for edges only, punches that punch and emboss, punches for silhouette designs, punches for borders, generally punches for craft, label punches and so the selection goes on. Imagine being able to punch in the center of your project, yes you can do that too. This all over punch has two very powerful magnets to hold the paper in place. ,
The Fiskar paper squeeze style punch is a punch you squeeze. It is the only punch to be awarded the Arthritis Foundation® Ease of Use Commendation, for having specially engineered squeeze motion handles. The Fiskar squeeze punch has another real plus, it is used face up so you can actually see what you are punching out.

A new scrapbooker or cardmaker needs to work out before making a purchase, how much use she will get from a particular paper punch. If you don’t do this you may end up buying a punch that you won’t use again. Occasionally, we take our punches to craft to share with each other.
One of the most versatile punches is the heart design. You can use it to make flowers, pin two hearts together to make a butterfly and also, you can reverse it so it gives the appearance of a skirt.
Also, to save costs, take a look at the punches you already have and see if you can use parts of the shape to make another shape. This is called punch art. There are a lot of different ways to keep your costs down by utilizing all aspects of punches.

After a period of time paper punches can become blunt or sticky, so by punching foil will sharpen them and punching wax paper will lubricate the paper punches. If your punch is really stuck hard it may be an idea putting in the Freezer to see if the metal will contract. This depends on the type of metal the punch is made of. Try spraying lightly with WD40 to dissolve sticky residue left on the cutting edge. Make sure you clean all oil residue off after by punching porous paper until clean. When all else fails it may mean that you will have to take the punch apart, but only do this if you are confident. There are many different brands of Paper Punches on the market, this means that the assembly of each brand will differ. Look after your punches, they are your tools so a regular brush out to remove fragments of paper.

Have you often wanted to have smaller or larger cutouts of some of your punches. Punch out a shape, lay this shape on a different paper colour, under scanner and save the scan to a file. Now you can open this file with photoshop or similar software, scale your image and print it ready to cut out.

This Martha Stewart punch set is absolutely beautiful. It is a continuous edge punch. You can use the edge punched lace on its own by simply snipping it away. As always do not use heavy card.

Punch Art: Yes, it’s here too:- punch art!! For a beautiful hand made card use different paper punch shapes to build an image. There are so many great ideas. Have you thought how you can use punches for craft that you have, for an idea in a different way from what it is for.

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