What Is Paper?


Real paper is actually a fine sheet made from fiber that has been macerated until each individual filament is an individual unit. Medieval paper was made of diluted cotton, linen fiber. The fibers are then mixed with water and by the use of a sieve, the fibers are lifted from the water leaving a sheet of matted fiber on the screen. The thin layer of intertwined fiber is paper.

The first technology of making paper

Most of the people include thinking of papyrus and rice paper as paper. They are not. Papyrus is not made from macerated fiber so, it is not true paper. Papyrus is made from a grass-like aquatic plant in the sedge family called Cyperus papyrus. It has woody, bluntly triangular stems that are cut or sliced end to end with a steel knife. Then these thin “boards” are pasted together much like laminated wood.

actually, Rice paper is not paper. It is made from strips of the cut spirally from the pith of the rice paper tree, a small Asiatic tree or shrub, that is widely cultivated in China and Japan. The pith is cut into a thin layer of ivory-like texture by means of a sharp knife. Parchment and vellum are also not paper. They are made from the skins of animals.

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